Alba Rosa Castro and Guillermo Venegas Lloveras
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Alba Rosa Castro - Pianist - mp3
José Raúl Ramirez - Pianist - mp3
Ludvik Stonawski - Pianist - mp3

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The story as told by Guillermo Venegas is this: One day, when Guillermo was about 10 years old, he was walking past a house when he heard a piano being played. He stopped and listened and marvelled at the beauty of the music. He went inside the house and inquired.... the pianist was playing Chopin. Right then and there he decided he was going to be a composer. A dream of his was to compose for the piano. This is why he owned several piano throughout his life, pianos which he never mastered as he did the guitar.... an unfulfilled dream.  His dream of hearing his music on the piano was fulfilled when first Alba Rosa Castro (photo here) and then Ludvik Stonawski recorded a total of 24 works and then Jose Raul Ramirez recorded some 20 of his danzas. Some of the works recorded by Alba Rosa can be heard in MP3 files below.
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Alba Rosa Castro - Pianist (MP3)

Siempre estare
Preludio en mi
Vals revolucionario
Rosa Dolores
Cancion de amor
Mi ultima cancion
Trinos de primavera
Tus manos

José Raúl Ramirez - Pianist (MP3)

Juan y Consuelo
Los puentes de Paris
Lourdes y Maria
Mi consentida
Nos conocimos
La Maruja
Juan y Esther

Ludwik Stonawski - Pianist  (MP3)

Serenata temprana
Raza negra
Porque, porque
Alma triste
Hasta que me oiga Dios
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La Luciernaga-Piano

Los Bergantines-Piano

Los Puentes de Paris-Piano

Mi Consentida-Piano

Vals Revolucionario-Piano

Amor de Mayo-Piano

Rosa Dolores-Piano

Vals de la Victoria-Piano

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