1998 Fifth GVL Festival

Asociación Genesis Guillermo Venegas Lloveras

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GVL Festival Announcement
For the 5th. consecutive year, the GVL Festival will be held at Quebradillas, Puerto Rico, as follows:
Date: Sunday, October 11, 1998 at 7:30 PM.
Where: Pedro Hernandez Colisseum, Quebradillas, Puerto Rico.
Performers:  Singers, trios, classical guitarist, a string quartet ......
Master of Ceremonies: Jorge Rivera Nieves.
Entrance: Free

Seating Capacity
This year the festival is moving up in seating capacity, from about 450 to 2,000. Previous festivals were held at the Liberty theater to full capacity. Last year an outdoor large television screen was setup outside of the theater so that people who could not get in the theater could see the festival's program.About 600 persons attended the festival.

Guitar & String Quartet
Renowned guitarist Juan Soroche and Curteto de Cuerdas Quinton will be featured artists in this year's festival. The festival organizers and GVL Inc. have comissioned guitarist Manuel Ramos to do a number of transcriptions for guitar and guitar and string quatet. Some of these will be included in the program. These can be heard at the guitar page in the GVL Official site.

Program and Performers
Please visit this page in the future, as more information about the program and the performers is made available by the organizers, Asociacion Genesis GVL Inc. Performers include singer Diana Olivia, who has sung in the two previous festivals and singing groups (trios), Voces Romaticas, Los Inolvidables and Jorge Julia y su Trio.  As usual, this years program is mainly of great music of GVL and top performers.

Institutional and individual sponsosrs are needed and welcome for this year's festival and future activities by Asociacion Genesis GVL Inc, a non-profit organization.

For more information:Asociacion Genesis GVL Inc.

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