1964 letter from allegedly Guillermo Venegas to Peermusic


- This letter was actaually written by Peermusic and not Guillermo Venegas and was dated when written 5 days after the other letter, "without the author suspecting". The letter was actually made by Peermusic, so it is a Peermusic to GVL letter.
- The letter is not "accepted as agreed" by Peermusic, as is required by the terms on the letter.
- It was designed to be a two page letter when only one page was required. Therefore, page one may have been changed "without the author suspecting". The page 2 that was actually signed by Guillermo Venegas actually says nothing that is material
- It includes songs not written by Guillermo Venegas, on page one, Since Venegas signed on page 2, the only plausible explanation is that page one was never seen by Guillermo Venegas or that page 1 one was changed with a different page 1.
- The letter was never recorded at the Copyright Office by Peermusic as required by the copyright law then in effect.
- This letter allegedly assigns 21 songs to Peermusic, practically the entire catalog of Venegas songs that Peermusic claimed, in the trial,  that Venegas assigned.