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To Angel I. Fonfrias     April 24, 1964
Reference: Guillermo Venegas

Dear Fonfrias

Opportunely I received your letter of  March 17 where you inform me that the referenced author is willing to pay us what he owes us in exchange for us giving him his “release”, as well as your letter of April 15 asking me to prepare and send you the necessary documents.

With this letter I send you a quadripartite letter in directed to Peer International Corporation that should be signed by Guillermo Venegas with all the copies. You will notice it is dated April 29 to allow time for you to contact the author, so try to get this letter signed on that date. You return to me all the copies to have them signed by one of our executives and at the right moment I will send you two copies, one for the author and one for your files.

Do not forget that he should give you the amount of $412.65, which I will appreciate you send me.

I have made a study of the works of this author and I find that we have not received various manuscripts, reason for their not being registered in Washington. Is there a way to get said manuscripts without the author suspecting that we need them to register in Washington. The titles are:

     “CARIÑO”                                                             “RECORDACION”
     “NO VUELVAS MAS”                                          “NADA PUEDO HACER”
     “NI A LA DISTANCIA”                                         “AUSENCIA”
     “BORRACHO SENTIMENTAL”                           “NO, NO DIGAS NADA”
     “NOCHE SIN TI”                                                   “TU PARTIDA”
     “LLEGA LA NOCHE”                                           “NO ACEPTO OLVIDO”

If you think that it is too big of a risk to talk to the composer over this matter, then try to see if you can find recordings, etc. etc.

Without further ado, for the present, best regards from
Alberto Salinas

AS: dag

Cc/ Miss F. Garcia