The Incredible Peermusic Assignment Contract
(The most lopsided contract ever)
This document and another alike one, was presented by Peermusic. It is a document whereby Guillermo Venegas assigns a song to Peermusic. Strangely this assignment:

a. Does not name the receiver (Peermusic) of the assignment.
b. Dos not oblige Peermusic to accomplish anything with the song and  does not require royalty payments to Guillermo Venegas.
c. Says that Guillermo Venegas received a payment in the amount of whatever Peermusic decided to put in the blank space.
d. Says that Guillermo Venegas assigned whatever song Peermusic decide to put in the blank space,

This document raises some interesting questions:

-What is the blank space in the middle for? Can Peermusic add here whatever they want?
-Was Guillermo Venegas so dumb as to sign an essentially blank contract?
-Why, when did Guillermo venegas sign the document?
-How did Peer get Guillermo Venegas to sign? What was the story line they made to the composer?
-Does Peer have other documents like this for other composers?
Is this a forgery?
-Does Peermusic have some more copies already filled with the mussing data but did not present them because -Peermusic knew that a contract such as this one constituted an improper or illegal or fraudulent act (something for nothing?).
-Why did Peermusic not present this document when it was required and instead sent it when a second request for documents was made after it became evident that Peermusic was hiding documents. Initially 100 documents were sent, then, upon the second request, 1700 more documents were sent. This was one of the 1700 documents.

You be the judge!